Host Policies

Check out what it means to become a host and understand what to be
aware of.

To protect our hosts and their properties, Drivewayz does not disclose the full address of the parking spot until a driver has booked the space. Any images will only be available to the driver when the booking is in progress. After the booking has ended all information will again become hidden.

As a host, you will recieve a notification when a driver has parked and again when the driver leaves. The driver may decide to extend their parking duration if it is within the spot’s availability.

In some cases the driver may overstay their duration and will be charged double the hourly rate as an overstay fee. Drivewayz will notify you if the overstay exceeds half an hour you will have options for towing the vehicle if necessary.

Rules & Regulations

When deciding whether to become a Drivewayz host, it’s important for
you to understand how the laws work in your city.

Some cities have laws that restrict your ability to host paying guests for short periods. These laws are often part of a city’s zoning or administrative codes. In many cities, you must register, get a permit, or obtain a license before you list your property or accept guests. Certain types of short-term bookings may be prohibited altogether. Local governments vary greatly in how they enforce these laws. Penalties may include fines or other enforcement.

These rules can be confusing. We’re working with governments around the world to clarify these rules so that everyone has a clear understanding of what the laws are.

In some tax jurisdictions, Drivewayz will take care of calculating, collecting, and remitting local occupancy tax on your behalf. Occupancy tax is calculated differently in every jurisdiction, and we’re moving as quickly as possible to extend this benefit to more hosts around the globe.

Please review your local laws before listing your space on Drivewayz. By accepting our Terms of Service and activating a listing, you certify that you will follow your local laws and regulations.

Check your availability

It is important that your parking space will be open for the times that it is listed for. If a driver books your space and the spot is taken, you may receive a poor review and Drivewayz could reach out to you.